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Christmas, 2017
Dear Brethren:
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Thank you for helping us with your gift and beginning the New Year 2018 with a bang helping the poor, the meek and the downtrodden who need help the most. Thus you have helped us with a gift towards feeding the poor and homeless this month. We know the Lord blesses you for your love and prayers for Main Street and helping us conquer the world for Christ by: feeding the poor & preaching to the World to win souls for Christ Jesus.

Why don't you go to our website and click on the blue link: "8 Pages of 2017 Christmas Photos"... they say "a picture is worth a thousand words"... and you can see what an inter-city minister life is like during Holidays. My job is to help everyone understand this is a 24 X 7 = 365 day a year never ending job... not just "Christmas time". As I told you last month: "Last year was the first, in my 24 years here, that no one has frozen to death on our parking lot." Brother David Sinclair brought us 400 blankets; others are supplying gloves, socks, hats, underwear and warm clothing. We have 2 old "shacks"... they can't be called houses because they were "shacks" 50 years ago when I was a kid and played next door... The City of Dallas "Code Enforcement" became "the Grinch that stole Christmas" demanding we paint these 2 old houses in the next 30 days where our volunteer non-paid workers and servants live. Funds were already short, and this is just another "trial & tribulation"... which trials are all in direct proportion to our deeds of mercy, kindness and love... but most of all Satan hates our soul winning.

We are still feeding over 2,000 meals a week to the poor and homeless. We were forced to change our procedures of feeding. We now feed anybody out the kitchen window and we let in the building everybody else who will come "peaceably" into our daily bible class starting @ 10 am. I have been teaching the class during December while William went home for Christmas and we have had a pretty full house every day... which is much better... feeding them the real, spiritual "food"... the word of God. The result is the devil is "hopping mad".

In December 2017 we had a record 313,630 Hits on our web site. Internationally we had another record month: 125 foreign Countries came to our web site from our radio; 21 International broadcasts on 100,000 watt Super Stations covering all the earth over 5 times. We are blessed carrying the light of the Gospel of Christ to the World. If that many have computers just imagine how many thousands have radios who can't afford a computer?

In December 2017 we had another record month with 13,884 home and satellite Churches who worshiped or studied with us... some daily. Our Super Station Broadcast are paid by brethren who want their dollars spent on preaching which has allowed us to have these 21 International Broadcasts half Sunday morning, and half in the afternoon or evening... Please pray for these broadcast as they are the purest form of giving evangelism expecting nothing in return ... after all, when do you think we have raised support in Africa, China or India? Please continue to remember this wonderful "Mission Point" the Lord has made the "apple of His eye".

Sincerely yours in Christ:

Kelly Lawson, servant & evangelist: home 214-824-4013 & Cell 214-552-3206